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Self-Defence with Kia Haumaru

Kia Haumaru teaches skills for avoiding, recognising, interrupting, resisting and healing from the effects of interpersonal violence. 
We teach in a trauma-sensitive way that addresses the social, emotional and psychological barriers that can make standing up for ourselves difficult. 
The majority of assaults against women and children are perpetrated by people they know and trust (estimates range between 80–90%). Kia Haumaru presents strategies and skills that are designed to address both these common experiences and assaults perpetrated by strangers. 
Our courses empower and build confidence and provide options for increasing personal and collective safety in a wide variety of situations. The physical strategies are simple, easy to learn and highly effective against a bigger, stronger attacker, and are adapted to suit all abilities, ages and fitness levels. 
Kia Haumaru’s courses also include age-appropriate education about healthy relationships, early warning signs of interpersonal violence and consent negotiation skills. Emphasis is placed on trusting your instincts, knowing your rights and using your voice. Verbal strategies include positive assertiveness and boundary-setting skills to stop an assault before it becomes physical. We also provide skills and resources for finding safety and support if you experience assault, and for supporting others. 
Kia Haumaru believes perpetrators are solely responsible for their actions. Nothing a person does—or does not do—makes them to blame if they are assaulted. Every situation is unique and the final decision about how to respond rests with the person confronted by the situation. Having the capacity to defend ourselves does not make us responsible for preventing violence. 
Kia Haumaru utilises an Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) model, a comprehensive form of personal safety education and violence prevention for those targeted by gender-based violence – primarily women and other marginalised genders.


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